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Facilities Long-range Planning Goals

Nearly all of WVSD schools are in need of improvements or increased capacity to keep up with growing enrollment. To meet these needs now and into the future, the WVSD School board is working to develop a long-range facilities plan with the following basic planning goals to guide their efforts and create optimal learning environments for our children.

  • Accommodate students in permanent classrooms, without the need for portables.
  • Move 5th grade back to elementary, combine 6th-8th grades in junior high or middle school, and 9th-12th grades in high school.
  • Design elementary schools for approximately 550 students.
  • Meet class size standards across grades K-8th.

In 2018, prior to the 2019 bond issue, WVSD organized a long-range facilities planning committee to work with the School Board and add their voices to the facilities long range plans. Click here to learn more about the Facilities Planning Committee or to review their activities.

State of Our Schools

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Some positive news

One positive note is that West Valley High School will meet capacity through 2023, in spite of growth far exceeding the 2004 projections the 2006 high school construction bond was based on. Both the high school and freshman campus building were assessed as being in “good” condition.

Now with both the freshman campus and high school campus united under one administration, more innovative uses of the high school space should allow the campus to continue to meet increasing enrollment into the foreseeable future. In addition, the middle level campus also has a single administration to make decisions for both the junior high and middle schools so management and administrative costs are even more efficient.

Capacity, Conditions, and Adequacy Data
Site Portable Classrooms Permanent Capacity October 2018 Entrollment Current Utilization w/o Portables Projected Utilization 2022-23 Physical Condition Score Physical Condition Description Functional Adequacy Score Functional Adequacy Description
Ahtanum ES 2 294 300 102% 54.0 Poor 76 Fair
Apple Valley ES 6 232 347 150% 49.7 Poor 44 Unsatisfactory
Cottonwood ES 0 503 448 89% 55.0 Poor 78 Fair
Mountainview ES 2 178 210 118% 62.8 Poor 62 Poor
Summitview ES 4 325 337 104% 44.0 Poor 57 Poor
Wide Hollow ES 2 359 353 98% 73.0 Fair 89 Fair
Elementary Total 17 1,890 106% 111%
West Valley MS 2 833 876 105% 85.0 Fair 81 Fair
West Valley JHS 4 736 869 118% 63.8 Poor 69 Poor
Middle School Total 6 1,570 111% 113%
WV 9th Grade 0 602 397 66% 98.0 Good 90 Good
WVHS 0 1,427 1,174 82% 98.0 Good 98 Good
HS Total 6 2,029 77% 89%
Totals 23 5,488
Updated 10/25/18 with 2018 school enrollment