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January 26, 2021

December Month in Review

The Holiday Season typically results in production loss; however, we are glad to report that Chervenell and their Team of sub-contractors has continued to keep production moving above an industry standard level.

Apple Valley – We are in an exciting phase of construction at Apple Valley as finished materials are beginning to be installed in the classroom wing. Accent paint has been applied to corridor soffits, wainscot wall protection is being installed, and ceiling grids are being placed. Over the next month, more finishes will be installed – including casework and ceiling tiles. Our engineers have been reviewing the work monthly and found the quality to be excellent!

Summitview – The contractor has worked hard to dry-in the building as they prepare for construction over the winter. Roofing installation continues, windows are being installed, and drywall work is still happening. Lessons learned from Apple Valley are being applied to Summitview and construction has been efficient!

Apple Valley:

Summitview Elementary:

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