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October 26, 2018

Facilities Committee Considers Building Options

The West Valley School District Facilities Committee—including members of the public, parents, and WVSD staff—held their second meeting on Oct 23 to discuss facility needs in the district. This meeting followed an initial study that showed all West Valley elementary and mid-level campus buildings are at or near capacity and several are in poor condition. The group recognized the need for the District to place a bond measure before voters, but raised concerns about not asking voters for more than they could handle at one time. Keeping costs down; adding more capacity; addressing the oldest, least functional schools; and improving safety and security were the top concerns of the group.

After breaking into small work groups, the committee came together and recognized the need for replacing at least one and most likely two elementary schools with buildings that provide capacity for up to 550 students. The group also discussed the possibility of also adding capacity through renovations at some of the existing elementary schools, so the 5th grade could possibly move back into the elementary schools—reducing pressure on the mid-level campus. The facility planning experts are now developing potential costs for planning options. They will present the options and costs at the third committee meeting, 5:00 p.m., October 29, at West Valley Church, 7109 Nob Hill (across from Wide Hollow Elementary). Questions and comments can be sent to buildingourfuture@wvsd208.org.

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