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June 12, 2019

Updated Educational Specifications

Updated Educational Specifications* are now available. After input from the Community, Community Oversight Committee and School Board, at the June 10 Study Session, several updates have been made to the Ed Specs for Apple Valley and Summitview. The updated documents are attached. For clarity, all changes are in red font. Here is a summary for reference:

Additions & Deletions

Page 7 – An introduction to the Executive Summary was added to provide background information on the project more specific to WVSD.

Page 7 – A comment related to Outdoor Learning was added to the end of the Architectural section.

Page 9 – The security system will be provided in the project by the contractor. “by the school district” was deleted.

Page 9 – A section titled High-Performance School Buildings was added to describe the WSSP requirements.

Page 10 – The BIDDING section was re-written to describe the GCCM delivery method.

Page 15 – “Pre-K” was added to the Kindergarten space names.

Page 43 – Revised Utility Requirements to include two multi-station hand wash fixtures.

Pages 41 thru 52 –Space Id Numbers in header of each page were corrected to accurately correspond with the table of contents. Example, Page 41, Library was corrected from 2.9 to 2.10.

*EDUCATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS: The educational specifications will describe all the educational activities which the proposed school facilities and grounds shall support. The specification will also acknowledge the types of spaces and their physical relationship, in order to accommodate program requirements. The Ed Specs documents serve as parameters for the Schematic Design phase.

Apple Valley Educational Specifications

Summitview Educational Specifications

Please email any questions/feedback to buildingourfuture@wvsd208.org

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