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October 12, 2018

WVSD Community Facilities Planning Committee Starts Work

Over 30 WVSD parents and community members came together Monday night to begin to evaluate WVSD school facilities and determine capacity and functionality improvements the district needs to meet increasing enrollment through the year 2023. The District is working with consultants to project growth and analyze the current schools’ physical and functional status. Four different growth models all showed similar findings—West Valley is expected to continue to grow and most of the schools are over-crowded. Conservative estimates show the schools are over capacity by approximately 106 students, most of which are being taught in portables or makeshift classrooms. WVSD School Board members acknowledge these stopgap measures expand capacity but provide far from optimal learning environments for students. The goal is to begin to identify how to best address the growing concern, without encumbering West Valley residents with unsustainable debt.

The facilities group is reviewing the findings and is expected to meet again 5 pm, October 23 at the West Valley Fire Station to consider options and determine which issues in the district to address first. Participation and comments from other parents or community members is welcome!

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